Game Reserves, National Parks & Wildlife Protected Areas
cover more than 25% of the country
The largest Game Reserve
in Africa, the Selous is
50,000 sq kilometers.

Home to Mt "Kilimanjaro,
the Serengeti, Ngorongoro
Crater, Olduvai Gorge The
origins of Modern Man are
in East-Africa

Tanzania - Home to the
Maasai, wa-Makonde &
other tribes, "discovered"
by the Explorers
Livingstone Stanley, Speke
& Burton.

The Swahili Language&
Swahili Coast (Safari is a
Swahili word with a 1500
year history of Arab,
Portuguese, German and
British colonial settlement.

Visit the Zanzibar,
Archipelago, Mafia islands
and the historical Kilwa

A "Shauri ya Mungu" thing --
The Mungu planned & created these natural wonders